Features: Residential Renovations

Building Elevation/Decoration

We often come across places which are elevated to a standard with modern architecture and creative interior designing to heighten the senses of comfort and luxury.

Redo-Home is one such Interior Designing Company in Bangalore which not only caters to such needs but also excels to deliver as per the clients’ needs and expectations. We implement the latest of technological inputs along with our creative approach to make a space as was in their dream. Works like HPL faced works, CNC Works, Pergola works, Glass Works, Metal Fabrication works and mural works.

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Bathroom Renovation | Bathroom Remodeling | Old Bathroom Renovations

A space to sleep is never the place to answer nature’s call nor is it the place to clean and maintain yourself, the proper place to carry out such activities is a Washroom / Bathroom to carry out such actions in peace and privacy.

But modern Bathrooms are made to deliver more than just to answer nature’s call and take a bath, they are designed to make one feel so at ease that one may never wish to step out, Because they so Cozy.

Along with this modern space management and use of proper wall and floor materials and the use of aromatic articles create a scene which heightens the human senses for the most comforting Bathroom experience.

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Shower Glass Enclosure

Our Story

About Reedo® Showers

The Immense experience we have with our group of experienced consultants and professional team has made the Redo Home proud to be the only company to expertise with the better way to do remodeling of bathrooms. With the extension to our business, the Glass Enclosures for Domestic use, Commercial use, Partitions for shops, café etc. is taken care by Reedo® , the sister concern of Kushee and Company, Bangalore.

Reedo® Shower Enclosures is the leading product in the Premium and Luxury bathroom installations. From our unique design, manufacturing and installation processes, we are at par to help the customer what they are looking for, you buy directly from us.


Be it a Home or an Office, the purpose of plumbing is to comfort or to carry out certain disciplines in work and thus they extensively address all possible issues with the methods of doing piping works in the project.

This periodic use of water if not managed scientifically can lead not only to overflow in places but can harbor diseases and disease-causing organisms. Thus an efficient plumbing system and an efficient team of plumbers is what we aim to deliver when we construct/fix issues regarding sanitation and water usage so that our customers can rest in peace.

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No matter how efficiently the building structure gets constructed without proper waterproofing, the elements and seasons will always get their hands deep and dirty to create pores / leakage / damping of walls which in turn makes your walls flake out, lose its luster, give away its beauty to the ever-expanding algal/fungal growth or the most commonly caused issues relating to your electrical appliances and the rusting of iron artifacts / machinery.

In Redo-Home we never fail to inform our clients that waterproofing is not just a method to stop water leaking from your ceiling, it is a proven deterrent against dust, algae, fungus, shrubs, damping, and rust, thus by implementing the best waterproofing solutions.

We maintain/keep a house as fresh as when it was made.

Areas we do waterproofing:
Overhead tank
Underground tank / Sump tank
Building Foundation
Walls and Joints
Terrace and parapet walls
Terrace Heat reflective tiles laying
Crack filling and waterproofing the same

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Kitchen Renovation

The Kitchen may just be the most discriminating factor responsible for classifying/dividing a Home from an Office. Kitchen is the place where magic happens regularly as one cooks and serves delicious food to feed/impress other individuals of the family. But Kitchen like others also demands careful management of space and implication of customized furniture/decor to aid in the needs of those who cook and feed regularly.

Kitchen is also a place which houses the most number of important articles such as the oven/gas, cooking gas cylinder, water purifier, fridge, microwave, griller, toaster, knives, forks, cooking utensils, spices, vegetables, meat, storage units and the list just goes on and on.

To provide adequate space for all a dedicated effort to use space efficiently and safely is what we take pride in.

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Demolition Works

Prior to creating new home or renovating home, destruction of wall/s or structure is important. This is to clear the space and create a blank canvas to start from the beginning.

Seldom we come across projects which not only demand an interior designing rethinking but also it demands that some of the existing structures be demolished to rebuild as per the clients’ needs or as per the needs of the project.

Redo-Home has a dedicated team of expert demolishers who are trained and equipped with the latest types of equipment to take care of the desired planned destruction without hampering/disturbing the rest of the building structure.

We also have a team to demolish entire structures that may require construction from the base level.

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Compounding/Fencing structure Works

No one is a true friend and all are enemies, fencing nowadays is not like the days of primitive human civilization to keep the forest and farm animals away from home and crop fields.

Nowadays fences are more to impose a permanent borderline which restrains one from entering one’s home/office without permission to use the entry gate.

Fencing nowadays comes with bars, hooks, spikes, needles, and even electricity to render the unintended away. Starting from the basic straw/wire to the most advanced brick n mortar fences.

Redo-Home is diligent enough to help you maintain your privacy, secrecy, and safety.

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Garden / Landscaping

As great as we are on the inside we have a decent reputation in Gardening / Landscaping aswell.

For people with places larger than their home, a vast expanse of personal space can mean a lot and thus comes the need to care and nurture the aesthetic beauty.

Keeping an area unattended makes it prone to the attack of shrubs and unwanted vegetation which obs the soil of its fertility and more importantly harbors rodents/insects/pests.

A proper management is required to create a scenic beauty for which we craft vacant land/plots and turn them into glorious outback by planting the correct plants as per the mood feel and taste of the client along with the knowledge to avoid and remove unwanted vegetation.

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Swimming Pool Renovation

The fun and lavish way to utilize that space is to turn that into a swimming pool. Though it is not found in most places in Bangalore swimming pools areas the days go by becoming ever more common but might not in the actual size as we are used to seeing them in hotels but a bit smaller and closer to reality.

Redo-Home caters to that wishing customer who is willing to invest and have his/her personnel swimming pool.

We also provide refurbishment and resurfacing of the swimming pool with the help of cutting edge methods and materials. We also provide leak proofing solutions with the help of imported waterproofing products and sealing products.

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Studio Home / Concept Homes

Studio Homes or Concept Homes are a thing of the current trend as individuals young and fun are opting to utilize their living space for multi-purpose usage mainly being for general home living, quality fun activities and for a portable workspace.

Where Studio Homes can be created?

On the terrace of your home
Backyard space can be your office workspace/Music Jammer studio
Music Studio within a vacant room inside your home
An Empty Plot you bought for investments and not in use
Studio home can be in your Farmland

Customers can find themselves falling under one of the above-listed positions and call us now.

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