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As one steps foot in a place aimed to fulfill its Residential or Commercial needs one often finds recurring errors which one must fix / elevate to suite his / her current needs. Interiors Renovations are ways by which one finds comfort by implementing designing inputs of various kinds be it architectural, furnishing or custom re-orientation of existing articles. Some of the services we deal with to serve our Client’s renovation needs are listed below.

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Home Interiors

With 9+ years-long experience catering to the needs of our clients. We in Redo-Home understand the interior designing needs of our clients based on their preferences and current working capital. We strive to perfect the level of comfort which we can offer provided space and working capital available. With the use of installations be it architectural / decor / electrical appliances/designer structures/statues/murals, we raise the bar for the most extravagant experience money can’t buy.

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Painting/Wall Decor

No matter how luxurious furniture we host or how cool our latest appliances be, until and unless the walls get addressed properly not can get the dignity they deserve.

We in Redo-Home cater to such basic needs which no matter how basic it gets it is of utmost importance.

Good use of color/paint lightens up the space and the use of modern/innovative/ designing implications division of walls/sections with variations in color/textures helps to boost the feeling which may have never been possible if it was done with the coating of a single color.

We take in to preference the needs of the client / the age they fall under / the furniture hosted / the possible utility of the section of space / room after which we inform the client our selected shades and then only we proceed forward to color not only their homes but to color their lives/dreams, as nothing feels more refreshing than a freshly colored home.

The painted walls can highlight more with Murals, Metal Decor items. backlight decoration items, CNC cut grills & wall paintings ( Portrait or Abstract ).

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Carpentry is of the utmost importance when custom architecture/furniture/ home decor is the current topic to deal with. Without the best carpentry skills creating designer homes and offices is not a dream its a nightmare. Fortunately in Redo-Home, we house some of the Best Carpenters in Bangalore to address each and every need for your project to be completed successfully as we promised when we started.

We provide latest designs and using of best hardware in the market gives a great output of the project. Redo-Home takes up the constructions of wardrobes, Foyer area storage, shoe racks, Storeroom shelves, bookshelves, under-bed storages, beds, headrest cushions, vanity boxes under the washbasin granite counter etc.

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Whether your home improvement project is something you have been preparing for years or a spur of the moment decision.

Home renovations can get very costly if they are not planned properly. Redo-Home will take the time to discuss your electrical requirements and work with you to design an electrical system that will function effectively with the architectural parameters of your home. We also provide the most up to date and innovative solutions and products for your home that are both energy efficient and cost efficient.

When it comes to electrical installations, our goal is to minimize your stress by providing an electrician who shows up on time, is well presented, professional and carries out your job with care and skill.

Some of our house renovation electrical services include:
Wiring of your home
Air Conditioning & Ventilation systems
Home Theatre & Multi-Room Audio
Security, Alarms & CCTV
Lighting and Design services
Energy Efficiency & Solar Power
UPS and Solar Backup metering management

From design to implementation our experienced team provides the expertise needed to ensure your electrical project is completed within critical time schedules and budgets.

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Flooring – Granite / Marble / Tiling

As the days go by the use of cemented colored floors is watching a steady decline in use, taking their place are materials such as granite/marbles/tiles which imbibe a more sense of aesthetics.

Floors are now colored and can be of any patterns/design/material as per the needs and affordability of the client.

We in Redo-Home take pride to provide the Best Flooring arrangements possible and we incorporate the use of durable imported granite/marbles/ tiles which helps to add the custom designing element for each of our Projects.

Our Other Flooring solutions are
Wooden Laminate Flooring
Vinyl Flooring
Carpet Flooring
Tile Flooring
Marble Flooring
Granite Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Concrete Flooring
Concrete Polishing
Stamped Concrete – Horizontal Surface
Stamped Concrete – Vertical Surface
Deck Flooring
WPC Flooring
Green Flooring / Lawn Flooring
3D Flooring

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All of which glitters is not gold, but when it comes to designing custom comfort living – all that does not glitter is considered to be old. As time goes by all things fade/erode/ rust and thus loose their aesthetic value for which they were highly sorted.

In Redo-Home we not only incorporate new and better articles but we also re-use and re-design existing articles of glass, ceramics, metals, and other compounds which when polished regain their original view.

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False Ceiling Works

Be it in a House or in an Office nothing fails to get a designer touch and the humble ceiling is no such exception.

The ceiling is no longer the place to just hang a fan, it is a vast empty canvas which was seeking attention for ages which now has been answered by the implementation of False Ceiling.

But it would only be a fools guess to think that False Ceilings are only for splashing colors near a ceiling fan, they are the answer to implement / house console lighting arrangements for ambient lighting, they are also used as insulators to prevent heat from entering and are commonly used in conjugation with centralized air conditioning.

Keeping in mind such a vast implementation of the humble false ceiling we cater our services to use this modern marvel as and when required as per our clients’ requirements.

Types of False Ceiling works
POP False Ceiling
Grid Ceiling
Metal Grid Ceiling
CNC cut design Ceiling
3D Design backlight ceiling
Starlight ceiling
Sound Acoustic Ceiling
Co light Ceiling

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Home Theater

Entertainment is now viral, it is available for everyone everywhere, but the level of satisfaction gets divine upliftment when it gets expressed by a Home Theater.

The feeling of an in-house cinematic experience has been made possible due to cutting edge technology providing crystal clear images (4K) in wide screen television/projector along with stereophonic surround sound which heightens every moment we watch. Combined with amplifiers, speakers and sub-woofers to boost the best musical experience, if it was not possible to make quality soundproofing then all this had been in vain as no one in the other room wants to listen to what you watch and experience.

Aiding to this and lost more in the field of specialized accessories Redo-Home grants a Home Theatre experience at your home at your budget unlike any other.

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Home Automation

In the age of quick thinking and quick actions, we need appliances/furniture/decor which can automate as per our needs be it for multi-tasking, instant access, easy usage or quick connections.

No one wants to wait and thus the need for Home Automation is what drives a modern home that we in Redo-Home are equipped and knowledge enough to provide/design your home with ultimate home automation systems in Bangalore.

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Windows & Doors

Did you know wooden furniture, doors, and windows attract money and positiveness other than any other construction/designing material like steel, iron or plastic?

Like this and many we share our clients with information which not just stays with the designing elements we provide but also helps and informs our clients to choose better.

Crafting is a key skill we cultivate among our workers and creating exquisite windows/doors and another furniture is one of them. We provide custom fitting of doors and Windows to glorify the existing designer home thus nothing looks or tends to have a loose end.

Type of windows and doors we deal in are Wooden, UPVC, Aluminum, Fiber and Wood Profile, Fiber and Metal Profile, PVC, Metal doors and windows

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Glass Partition (Residential /Commercial Glass Partitions)

Glass is transparent and with this transparency, one expresses his / her outward nature to the world he/she lives in. Having doors/windows made of glass or even the use of glass with wood or metal implores as a sense of transparency which allows both sides to see each other and observe their surroundings.

Glass doors & Partitions in Offices allow a better and transparent work environment so that the Boss can have his eyes monitoring even when he/she is not near.

Glass doors in Shops helps to bring in customers as the customers can clearly see the possible products available and the crowd of customers currently purchasing.

Glass partitions in bathrooms prevents the scattering of water from the shower all across the bathroom. This has been a luxury element for the bathrooms to have today. Hotel bathrooms are decorated with these shower glass partitions.

Some of the Shower glass partitions we provide are:
1.Swing Door
3.Center Door
5.Free Walk-in
6.Contract Shower Partition for Hotels, Residential & More

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Staircase Railing

Without stairs to guide upward the path to visit the next floor would be as hellish as climbing a rope. Stairs make our horizontal walking possible in a tilted axis allowing us to climb as we walk.

Wooden Handrail,
Glass Rail
Wrought iron Stair Rail,
Stainless steel Stair Rail, and
Cable Stair Rail
LED-Lit Handrails
Floating Handrails

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