Importance of Interior

Almost everyone I know loves a creative interior space. The design and nature of the place you live, school, work, dine, etc. have been proven time and again to affect your mental processing speed, concentration, tranquility, and quality of output. In that regard, it is crucial to have an appropriately designed interior for maximum comfort and productivity.

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Small Room Ideas

Small space design can be the bane of any flat-dweller’s or home owner’s life, but they can also be a blessing in design disguise. Awkward, small room ideas are often a catalyst for change, forcing you to a) clear the clutter and b) come up with clever small room ideas and nifty storage solutions you may never have thought of otherwise. From small living rooms ideas and small dining rooms, to small bedrooms, small bathrooms, small kitchens, hallway ideas and kids’ rooms, or even just small space storage solutions, we’ve delved in to bring you clever, stylish ideas for every room of the house from our top interior designers.

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Kitchen Renovation

Planning on a kitchen renovation in 2019? There’s never been a better time to put your own creative mark on, let’s face it, the beating heart of any home.

A new kitchen can add unparalleled value to a home as well as potentially giving new life to the whole house.

And these days it’s easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams without having to break the bank, or stick to an all-white colour scheme.

From flatpack to eco-friendly, here are the biggest trends for kitchens in 2019 from the experts.

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Can you Paint Floor Tiles?

Every new homeowner or first-time renovator has come across this statement at least once before.

If you’re finding it hard to look beyond your current floor tiling, but can’t seem to find a budget-friendly solution, why not try painting your floor tiles? It’s an easier and far more cost-effective solution than laying tiles over those 1960s-era tiles throughout the kitchen and bathroom.

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Anti-corrosion glass in New construction projects in 2020

High-end residential construction is changing. While there is a certain market which aims to call the more traditional mansion home, more people today are eager to live in attractive mixed-use spaces; one can live, perhaps work, shop, and play, footsteps from their front door.

As such, residential builders are catering to the demands of the modern, luxury home in this pseudo-urban setting, where a minimalist, light, and airy residential aesthetic still reigns supreme. And that means lots of glass is used inside the dwelling.

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Design Ideas for Office Renovations

An office renovation is the perfect opportunity to turn an uninspiring space into something that impresses employees and visitors. When undertaking a whole-office renovation, you want to be sure that the time, budget and effort you’re investing will deliver a new space with that ‘wow’ factor, to help inspire and motivate current and prospective employees.

So today we’re looking at six design ideas to help you create a stand-out office space.

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Why an Office Should be Renovated?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, Indeed! As the business grows, it becomes necessary to revamp your office interior to boost the efficiency of the workplace. Although renovation might seem costly and time-consuming, it improves the morale and productivity of workers and also stimulates brand-awareness. The interior of your office should reflect your business’s mission and vision. Above this, we all make an opinion about the company by the way it looks and feels.

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