Terms and Conditions

This website is owned and operated by Kushee and Company and hereinafter wherever Redo-Home is mentioned it refers to Kushee and Company.


Redo-Home guarantees the prices . Prices may vary when booked based on the proposed value and its date of the estimation made. Quoted prices are applicable for this proposal only, any modifications may result in a change of prices.

The above quoted rates are an estimate based on current design and sizes, they are liable to change till the sign off/production stage depending on the exact actual measurements on site or design changes made by you or as per your instructions.

Deep cleaning for your home post hand-over can be provided by Redo-Home.

Floor Covering of your existing flat will be charged extra at Rs. 10 per sft/ this will be done by default by Redo-Home and added to your bill at the time of going to production as per actual site measurements.


1.) 20% to begin design (Non-Refundable)

2.) 20% before 3d after first presentation (Non-Refundable)

3.) 45% to move to production (Non-Refundable)

4.) 15% before dispatch (Non-Refundable)


All Redo-Home product pricing is exclusive of taxes. The taxes have been mentioned in your estimate separately and will be charged at the time of billing at each stage as per prevailing government tax rates.

All payments made via credit cards will be applicable for a 2% surcharge as charged by the banks towards the same. The same is to be borne by the customer.


Your order will be delivered on or before the assured delivery date. Changing an order or unforeseen circumstances may delay delivery time.

Redo-Home is not responsible for any delay in project implementation due to third party vendors or for reasons beyond its control.


Redo-Home only facilitates financial loans and services. Approvals, processing and terms are at the sole discretion of the financial entity.


The factors for the project to delay and scope for not claiming are

1.) The delay is for the initial scope of work and item list. Additional items or request for change will not be considered as delayed items.

2.) There are no external factors which have contributed to delay which are out of control of Redo-Home.

3.) The site is in a condition which is ready for installation and there is no delay or pending work from the builder or the client.

Redo-Home promises to deliver the home in 90 days, which start from the date of final sign off on all drawings and items and payment towards beginning of production.


Redo-Home is able to process your final order and start production only post a 40% payment and part payment of

stage-3 payment as given above should be paid  before moving into production.


Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receiving delivery are not valid for returns or replacements. Customized and made-to-order furniture pieces, purchased from Redo-Home, cannot be returned or exchanged.

All payments made at any stage are Non-refundable.


All designs shared with the client at any stage are the copyright of Redo-Home and Kushee and Company. The designs are shared with the intent that the order for the same is placed with Redo-Home. Any design shared by Redo-Home cannot be used, installed, shared in any way or form without prior and express written consent of Redo-Home.

Customized design presentations will be shown to the client on a Redo-Home system, the same will be available for download and emailed to the client only after 20% of payment has been made towards the entire order

Lead Form Consent

Website visitors who submit a lead form on Redo-Home website hereby give consent to receive communication, including those of promotional nature, through any medium such as phone, WhatsApp, electronic mails, or SMS from the company.

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