The prototype goal is to provide bridge housing to the unsheltered. It provides a secure environment for Homelessness individuals while they try to find permanent housing.

On any given night, more than 500,000 Americans are homeless, In case of India, unimaginable number.

Of that total, more than one-third of those homeless—35%—is unsheltered. And 47% of all unsheltered homeless live in California, which is four times higher than the state’s 12% share of the U.S. population.

Los Angeles is committed to creating 1,600 new units for the homeless by July 2020, and is considering a number of options, including this modular invention home, unitized system that the designers designed specifically for interim and emergency housing.

India has lots of opportunity in urban premium offices and its surrounding areas where people can opt to stay as a prime location to live and work together.

The unit, which ranges from 47 to 52 sft, includes a bed with room for storage underneath, a lockable wardrobe, partitions, access to an electrical outlet, and an optional fabric canopy that can be pulled down for additional privacy. A person can stand inside this invention. And the design allows for an optional medium-sized kennel that can accommodate up to 125 kgs.

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