Planning on a kitchen renovation in 2019? There’s never been a better time to put your own creative mark on, let’s face it, the beating heart of any home.

A new kitchen can add unparalleled value to a home as well as potentially giving new life to the whole house.

And these days it’s easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams without having to break the bank, or stick to an all-white colour scheme.

From flatpack to eco-friendly, here are the biggest trends for kitchens in 2019 from the experts.

a. Modern kitchen layouts

Whether you’re cooking with kids, your partner or entertaining guests, a kitchen layout that facilitates the way you use your kitchen – and the food you’re cooking in 2019 – is critical, explains renovation expert Richard Armstrong from The Makeover Group.

When deciding on the layout of the space it’s best to keep in mind the way you want the room to be used.

Are you an entertainer? Consider an island bench that people can gather around.

If you need to maximise space then consider where cupboards are placed so that two or more people can cook in the kitchen together.

“Kitchens are often described as the hub of your home and your design should reflect this,” Richard adds.

b. Open shelving

Open shelving is a trend which started in recent years and it’s showing no signs of bowing out according to countless design blogs and magazines.

This style of shelving is a great way to show off your most beautiful homewares, pretty plates and mugs, as well as a

c. Matte black

From fittings to surfaces, matte black is definitely still being embraced by the design community with gusto.

With better quality materials coming on the market all the time it’s still a great tone to consider for your kitchen.

d. New kitchen technology

Ever wanted to get a start on dinner while you’re still at work? Richard says there’s no time like 2019 to turn smart kitchen dreams into reality.

“Automated self-cleaning ovens, combination ovens (steam/conventional/microwave), more efficient dishwashers, in-situ coffee machines for your household barista – new technologies just keep coming in 2019!”

e. Bright colours

Textures and colours to deliver rich user experiences will ensure your kitchen becomes a ‘living space’ rather than just the room in which you prepare food.

Show a little flair – textured timber finishes, crafted cladding, two-tone cabinetry and natural stone can all deliver a visual vibrancy missing from older style kitchens.

f. Integrated appliances

The trend of the anti-kitchen is even stronger this year with butler’s pantries, integrated appliances and non-kitchen elements claiming the space as an entertainer’s area rather than purely a room for cooking.

h. Sustainability

While sustainability is never just a trend, in 2019 kitchens will become more eco-friendly than ever before – everything from materials and appliances to layout and waste management will be considered.

Sustainability has become an integral consideration for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.

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