Every new homeowner or first-time renovator has come across this statement at least once before.

If you’re finding it hard to look beyond your current floor tiling, but can’t seem to find a budget-friendly solution, why not try painting your floor tiles? It’s an easier and far more cost-effective solution than laying tiles over those 1960s-era tiles throughout the kitchen and bathroom.

Painting floor tiles can transform any room allowing you to customize the color and rework the aesthetic entirely.

Is Paint Floor Tiles are durable?

As always, a little bit of market research can go a long way before you put the paint to tile.

“Tile paints now available are of high quality and is very durable”.

Brands such as Dulux have excellent products that can transform even the oldest and baggiest looking tiles into ones that look brand new.

“Do keep in mind that the non-slip grit included in floor tile paint can sometimes feel a slightly rough underfoot,” explains Nigel.

“If this concerns you, perhaps stick to repainting floor tiles only in your smaller rooms such as bathrooms and laundries, rather than a full living space or the entire home.”

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